About us

Ny Media is an agency that specializes on e-commerce, open source and systems that require complex integrations. However, the technical deliveries are only part of what we deliver to our customers.


Our main office is located in Trondheim, Norway. We also have consultants who work for us on a regular basis in Ukraine, Poland, and several locations in Norway. In total, we are a committed team of approx. 20 people working closely together to deliver tomorrow's digital solutions to our customers.

Short facts about Ny Media

We want customer relationships that last over time and where we can actively contribute in shaping the strategy and assisting with implementation and goal achievement. We contribute at the board level and/or at the operational level within specific delivery areas such as:

  • Digital strategy / business strategy. We assist boards and management teams on the level they want.
  • Market leading technical solutions based on open source and an open business model.
  • Operations and support on technical solutions and integrations.
  • Marketing, design / communication and content creation
  • Streamlining and digitization of work routines / processes.
  • Assistance in recruitment processes and the establishment of internal expertise.

The most important thing for us in all deliveries is that our customers are satisfied and reach their goals. Ny Media's primary marketing channel is satisfied customers.

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