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Written by
Joakim Kålås
Published on
October 10, 2019

Are you ready for Black Friday?

The peak season for promotions and sales is approaching and the expectation for this year's Black Friday is great. Last year, it was set as the biggest day of online trading ever, with clothing and electronics as the most popular categories.

Do you have a plan for presenting your offers to new and existing customers?

Below we have listed some tips that may be worth considering in the preparations for one of the biggest shopping days of the year

  • Exclusive offers - Get as many people as possible to register as users of your store, customer club and / or newsletters with offers aimed at this target group. Targeted content marketing is the tool and Black Friday is a great opportunity to grow the customer base.
  • Performance - Has the number of users grown a lot over the past year, have you planned a bigger campaign? Then you may want to talk to our engineers to make sure you have sufficient capacity to handle the increased traffic. No one wants customers and conversions to stop on a day like this.
  • Optimized offer and landing pages - create engaging content that converts and drives more visitors, subscribers and sales. We help you with everything from marketing strategy to content production.
  • Banner with countdown to campaign launch - Communicate clearly which products you'll have on sale and when they become available. We have a template ready that can be customized and published at short notice.

Getting more popular every year

Google's search volume indicates that interest in Black Friday will increase a lot over the next few weeks. And while the images of people queuing and tearing products out of each other's hands seem daunting, it is important to see the opportunities and strengths that e-commerce has to ensure good user experiences for customers.

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