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Joakim Kålås
Published on
October 25, 2019

Easy payment with Vipps Hurtigkasse

With mobile payment, the purchasing process has become much easier for customers, as they don't have to enter card and shipping information in the payment step. Vipps Hurtigkasse further simplifies the process by having the customer complete the purchase without going through normal check-out. This is how it works:

  1. The customer selects Vipps Hurtigkasse in their cart, enter their phone number and is transferred to the Vipps app on their phone.
  2. In the app, the customer selects a shipping option and confirms payment
  3. Address, name and card information are stored in the Vipps app

With Vipps Hurtigkasse, the purchase is thus completed in three clicks, and the payment method can be used just for shopping on PC and mobile.

How the payment solution should be implemented in your online store depends on the products being sold and which shopping activity is normal. If your store sells expensive products that are often sold in a quantity of 1, Vipps Hurtigkasse can work well from the product page. If it is more common for customers to purchase multiple products on the same order, the functionality should be placed in the cart or checkout screen.

Vipps hurtigkasse

Ny Media has partnered with Vipps and are responsible for the Drupal Vipps-module available on Here you can see a couple of examples on how Vipps Hurtigkasse is implemented on

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