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Written by
Eirik S. Morland
Published on
September 13, 2019

Free one-day conference: Open source e-commerce solutions

One of our contributions to the Drupal community is taking part in organizing Drupal Camp Oslo, and being on the board of the Norwegian Drupal Association.

The last years in Drupal Camp Oslo we have had success with having a free one-day conference that targets topics that interests people beyond those working with Drupal. This year we have a focus on E-commerce.

Are you working in the E-commerce sector? As an editor, webshop administrator, digital agency or service provider? Or maybe you are just interested in the e-commerce field? We are delighted to welcome you to a free one-day conference about Open Source in E-commerce.

Speakers include:

  • Vipps. Mobile payment solutions
  • Bojan Živanović. Leading Drupal Commerce development at Centarro
  • Luminus O. Alabi. Happiness Engineer, WooCommerce / Automattic
  • Thierry Beeckmans. Drupal developer & trainer, Dropsolid

Please visit the Drupal Camp Oslo website for more information and sign up!