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Joakim Kålås
Published on
March 15, 2019

Why Does Your Online Store need Enhanced Ecommerce?

Enhanced Ecommerce (EE) is a Google Analytics plug-in that provides better insight into customers' purchasing processes. For example, you can create segments to understand how different customer groups behave at different stages in the buying process - have they visited the product page, put the product in the cart, completed the purchase? The insight can be used to optimize the purchasing process, prioritize important segments and highlight the best performing products.

There are many factors that come into play when implementing Enhanced Ecommerce. The size of the online store, whether you want full implementation or only need some parts of the functionality. The easiest way to implement Enhanced Ecommerce is to set it up through Google Tag Manager. What can be challenging is to make sure that all relevant data from the online store is sent correctly to Google Analytics. Ny Media has ready-made modules that ensure a quick and efficient implementation through our e-commerce solution.

By implementing Enhanced Ecommerce, you gain access to a range of data that can be used strategically to optimize your online store. Here are some of the most important:

Enhanced Ecommerce

1. Get a complete picture of your customers' buying behavior
Enhanced Ecommerce gives you a complete picture of how users behave in your online store. Information you can extract includes revenue, products, average order value, total transactions and conversion rate right down to category and product levels.

2. See which products performs the best
With Enhanced Ecommerce, you not only see the number of users and general behavior, but you can also track the user's behavior on a particular product. With impressions, clicks, shopping cart etc., you can track user engagement and use the data to optimize and prioritize important content.

3. Understand where customers fall in the buying process (and follow them up)
With Enhanced Ecommerce, you can see how many customers left the purchase process in different steps. It gives you important insights on how users experience and navigate around the online store, but also the opportunity to follow up valuable customers. For example, you can extract information about which visitors left products in the shopping cart and follow them up with pointed marketing campaigns (remarketing).

4. Know which campaigns bring the most value
With Enhanced Ecommerce you can track how various market initiatives, promotions, coupons, affiliates etc. perform. With clickthrough rate, revenue generated, number of products sold, total number of transactions and average order value, you gain insights that can help you prioritize, optimize and cost-effectively improve your marketing efforts.

If your goal is to create a seamless user experience for your customers, it's necessary to understand how visitors interact with products and the buying process. Enhanced Ecommerce offers this insight, which many online stores will benefit from understanding better and working structured with over time.

Contact us if you want to know more about tracking and what is right for your online store!