Akademika is Norway's leading textbook retail chain and one of the country's largest importers of textbooka. Akademika is owned by Forlagshuset Vigmostad & Bjørke.

The chain operates a total of 30 bookstores in Oslo, Akershus, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Telemark, Buskerud, Møre og Romsdal, Bodø, Narvik and Tromsø, as well as an online store. The company's operations also include sales to libraries, wholesale and direct sales, and professional journals. The company also conducts copy sales for the University of Oslo.

What have we delivered to Akademika

  • Business development in the form of consulting services. Content, payment, logistics, integration and workflow strategy.
  • Consultations on design and communications.
  • Technical project management and coordination of third parties in the project.
  • Technical development of online store solution and all necessary integrations.
  • Amazon Web Services Operations Services
  • Analysis and tracking from GA, GTM and Enhanced Ecommerce.
  • Support.

Akademika.no is one of Norway's largest online stores in terms of number of products. And with that comes the need for maintenance and quality assurance of large amounts of information.

Features of the online store:

  • many sources of product information (metadata)
  • prioritizing information where multiple sources share the same product
  • conversion of different currencies
  • up to 250,000 product updates a day
  • Quick and flexible search
  • curriculum lists from over 20 colleges and universities