Bull Ski & Kajakk has three stores in Oslo, in addition to an online store. They sell sports and leisure equipment with a main focus on the product groups skiing, kayaking, cycling and running. The employees test the product range and can give qualified recommendations. Few product groups and extremely active employees make this possible. Bull Ski & Kajakk has a huge selection (in the few product groups) both for those who are on the national team or who just want to enjoy a trip.

The main focus is on B2C and end-users, but we have also delivered a comprehensive B2B solution for some of the major sports teams in the Oslo area. Unique prices, unique assortments, and creative solutions for the club members create success for Bull Ski & Kajakk.

What we deliver to Bull Ski & Kajakk

  • Business development in the form of consulting services. Strategy for communication, payment, logistics, integrations and workflow.
  • Design and consulting on communication.
  • Technical project management and coordination of all third parties in the project.
  • Amazon Web Services Operations Services.
  • Technical development of online store solution and all necessary integrations.
  • Support and continuous monitoring of the solution, practical and overall.