What we have delivered to Kremmerhuset

  • Business development in the form of consulting services. Strategy for communication, payment, logistics, integrations and workflows.
  • Advice on design and communication
  • Technical project management and coordination of all third parties in the project.
  • Amazon Web Services operations services.
  • Technical development of the online commerce solution and all necessary integrations.
  • Development of a digital magazine where customers can be inspired and "shop the whole style" with one click.

Recreating the inspirational experience in their physical stores online

Kremmerhuset Ting & Sånt is a slightly different store full of temptations for your home. It is full of inspirational things and they want to make your home beautiful. The first Kremmerhuset store opened in 1979 and today the chain has 500 employees spread across 67 stores in Norway and Sweden.

The online store is an important part of the chain in terms of both sales and communication and will become increasingly important in the coming years.

The starting point for all projects we do is that we must have in-depth knowledge of the customer's business plan, market strategy, routines and “inner life” before we start to sketch concrete solutions. We have long gained experience with chain stores that focus heavily on e-commerce in addition to their physical stores.

We always assume that the customer, through an omni-channel strategy, should be met in a seamless way, regardless of whether they are in a physical store, are in the online store or are “in the middle” with the mobile on the go.

In this project it was important to create the same pleasant atmosphere in the online store that you get from going into the physical stores. Specific measures to achieve this include:

  • Great use of inspirational and environmental images.
  • Merging blog / inspiration and the store so that the customer does not have to actively move between different sections due to technical limitations.
  • Provide good and accurate information at the right time and this way create the “virtual seller” that is in the physical store.
  • Utilize the online store in physical store by actively displaying the goods in catalog and in environmental pictures in addition to the store's exhibitions.
  • Same price and information in all areas.
  • Make inventory information available so that the customer always knows which stores have which items available for an impulse purchase.
  • The customer club concept to ensure a personal and efficient shopping experience.