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Focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty has never been more important. More and more people are now investing in online shopping and the competition is getting bigger. Customers are increasingly expecting a good shopping experience, and those who do not meet the requirements will be in danger of losing customers to competitors. Building customer satisfaction and loyalty will be crucial for online stores in the time ahead.

A customer club is an effective way to build good customer relations and customer loyalty. Many people probably see the customer club as a significant cost in establishment and operation. Also, there is another channel where you are forced to give additional discounts and good offers to customers. Here it's important to look at it from a longer perspective, as well as look at what you can use the customer club for. With a customer club, you can offer unique benefits that make it attractive for customers to sign up in the online store. Once they have registered, you are sitting on key data that is crucial to be able to offer a personalized shopping experience. In a clothing store, for example, you can ask for personal information such as name, gender, and date of birth. This can be combined with other data such as purchase history (in the physical store and online store) and behavior (click/view history) in the online store. The result is that members who visit the clothing store get content, product recommendations, and specific offers based on this data.

The cost of establishing a customer club, providing an introductory discount, and maintaining the customer base must therefore be seen as an investment to offer a personalized shopping experience that provides increased conversion rates!


Concept for customer club

What does it take to offer an interesting and attractive customer club in existing and new online stores? Ny Media has developed a concept for customer club based on analyzes and customer contact. The concept enables us to tailor the perfect solution to each store.

What you need to decide if you want a customer club:

  • Type of customer club. Which type of customer club is best for your business? 
  • Benefits - the incentive for registration and use. What are you going to offer your members? 
  • A simple and good registration process. Members must register/login to use the customer club and to get a personalized shopping experience. Which form should you use and how much information should your customers fill out?
  • “My account” page - a personal page for members with an overview of the membership. What functionalities should the page contain? A minimum should be standard functions such as personal information, consent, and order overview. 
  • The customer club must be made visible.  How should it be made visible in the online store? How to market the customer club?
  • A link between the physical store and the online store. Do you have a physical store, cash trade must also be part of this concept.

The information that customers leave in the online store will create a personal, relevant, and seamless shopping experience that allows you to stand out from your competitors. The overall customer experience is important!

The concept must be considered as a whole where all the details are seen in context. The technical solutions can be adapted to each store based on wants and needs. Therefore, you must find out which solution is best for your online store. We are flexible and will adapt the concept accordingly. The customer club must be tailored to reflect the uniqueness of your online store.

Contact us if you want to develop or improve your customer club!

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