One of Norway’s foremost houses of competence in e-commerce

Ny Media and our consultants have had e-commerce as their most important area of focus since the very beginning of the internet. We provide both technical solutions and all the expertise and assistance you need to plan, operate and succeed with your e-commerce initiative. Whether you operate in the B2C or B2B segment.

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The development in e-commerce is enormous from year to year. Customers are increasingly expecting good customer journeys without friction, regardless of platform or channel. This results in increased complexity of e-commerce backend. More and more systems and integrations are needed to satisfy the technical requirements. In addition, it is increasingly expected that companies have solid expertise in many subjects. It is often challenging to justify employment of all necessary expertise internally.

To meet this development, we have formed a company that can serve all these needs in one place:

  • A future-oriented and modern online store solution that can be customized to all types of customer journeys and platforms (headless e-commerce). 
  • Consultants who can be used as needed in areas such as business strategy, marketing, analysis, technical project management, technical development, content production and expertise development internally in your company.

The projects we like the most, are the ones where we get the opportunity to influence your efforts over time. We would like the opportunity to use the experience we have built through working with some of the biggest brands in the Nordics in your specific project.

Some of our references in e-commerce

Desktop that shows a product page on


Make your home beautiful with beautiful interiors from Kremmerhuset
Desktop, mobile, and tablet that show the front page of

Lampehuset - One of Norway's largest lighting chain stores

Akademika is one of Norway's largest online stores in terms of number of products.

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